Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Please help!! :-)

Hey Guys

In school I have a marketing project and my product is a phone(/navigation) holder which you can "click" on your steering wheel. The products called "Click & Drive" and it should be, and really is, very easy.
Because it's just for school you cant buy it and my team member and I don't produce it. Everything is just for "showing" and a good mark :-)

I also created a homepage and a Facebook page. It would be very nice if you could like the Fanpage (its much better if the teacher (and the other classmates) see how much people like your product and so on. I hope you understand what I mean :-)!).

Here's the link: Click & Drive

The page will be deleted in July 2011, and you dont sign any contract or something similar by liking the product - It's just for school! :-)

Lisa (same post as HERE)

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  1. Nice post!!
    Angela Donava

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