Montag, 11. Juli 2011

WANTED: 20's, 30's Dress??

Hey Everyone!

As I just noticed I'll gonna attend at an event, at the 31st of July, where I have to dress up like the woman did in the 1920's and 1930's . . so . . what am I gonna wear??

My first thought was: COCO CHANEL!

But as it's outside, in the afternoon, summer and propably very hot the black dress I first thought would be tooo warm -.-

So, what would be your suggestions for me to wear?

I've just googled a bit and found these . . but it's a picnic and outside . . so high heels wouldn't be so sexy, if I stuck every second meter into the grass . .

Hopeing for your great thoughts!! :)


  1. Bonjour!!! Superbe ces photos!!! J adore ces femmes!!!
    Angela Donava

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