Sonntag, 20. März 2011

How-to: Transparent Clutch - DIY-Project

Hey Guys

Now there's the how-to to make a transparent clutch. It's very easy, dont be shy!! ;-)

First of all, what you need: some book self-adhesive foil, a pencil, the back of your collegeblock and a scissor.

Now you draw your wish-size of the bag on the back of your collegeblock, cut it out.

 Then lay your template on the papered side of the foil and mark the ends with the pencil. Keep i mind you need 2 1/2 times this template, so choose your location on the foil wise.

 Now, if you have marked at least 4, 5 or more templates, begin to cut them out.

Don't throw the rest away, you'll need it later!

Now, tape one piece over another. If there are some air bubbles, no problem, you can erase them later by pushing them with your fingers to the open ends with the well known funny noise :)
After there are about 2-3 layers on one side, tape one on the other side, so ther's no gluing side anymore visible/touchable.

To strengthen everything now you can stick the "rests", from before, on any place you want. Now it'll look like this.

 To strengh the lax I've puttet a bigger piece on it, cutted it and fold it.

Now you should cut some smaller pieces out of the foil. Fold the Clutch into its provided size and stick the ends together with those smaller pieces. Now your bag's almost finished.

 It'll look like this now - closed ends and you can already put some things in it.

If you want, you can make a buckle out of the foil, or you can also hold the bag together with a nice loop with a bow.

You're finish now. Hope you liked this introduction!! :)


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  1. Love transparent bags ! Thanks for the ideas <3

    alexandra @

  2. Super!!! Bon travail!!!
    Angela Donava