Samstag, 5. März 2011

New Grey Nailpolish

Hey there!

I've taken these pictures a while ago and found them on my camera by surprise again.
It was at about 5.30 am when I decided to put my new nailpolish on. It wasnt a good idea because before I've took a shower and had to dry my hair . . I think you'll know how my nails looked when I left the house :D
But I really like the colour whichs called "London's weather Forecast". The brand, Catrice, seems to be really new because I never heard about it.
When  I buy nailpolishes I dont think abou the brands. If I see an interesting/nice colour I buy it, doesnt matter if its Manhattan, Chanel or essence.

Whats your favourite nailpolish colour at the moment?
Already something "spring-like"?

Lisa :)

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  1. I just bought grey nail polish and i love it too! M.

  2. Wonderful blog! Love it!