Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Recepie: Mushroom sandwich

I've decided to post also some recepies, maybe you like them and try them, too! :)
As I'm a Vegetarian  I'll just post Vegetarian/Vegan recepies!!

Now I'd like to introduce you a mushroom sandwich which tastet really really good and is easy to do.

What you need: Mushrooms, Onions, herbs, red radish and cheese, if you want. (Without cheese it would be a Vegan Recepie) and part of a bread, you'll need it on the next step.

 Now you can put some cheese on the not completely halfed bread and some spices like pepper, paprika,...

 Put some oil into a pan, wait till its warm and add the mushrooms. I've used brown ones. When they get brown, add the onions. Wait a bit and add the red rasish.

 When everythings brown enough for your own like, fill everything on top of the bread. I've added some vegan Asia-Sauce (sweet sour) on it, but it isn't a must, it tasts also good without. Then put the herbals on top - Finished!

 Bon appetite ;-)

If you have questions, just ask!


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  1. Gnamm gnamm I love mushroom :Q__
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  2. Mmm... Now I am very hungry... Nice blog =) And refering to the last post (nailpolish one) for this year (not only spring, I'm a little bit impatient) I'm up for coral colour.



  3. Looks so tasty! Great blog!

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    ~ x♥x♥ :)
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  4. ummm yummmm!!
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  5. omg can you say YUM. i love everything in this recipe except the radishes. looks so tasty though. great blog! check mine out if you have a bit of time