Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

99 Pictures - Fashion Show - Front Row

Hello Girls and Boys!

Last July I went to a Fashionshow as a writer and photographer for a local newspaper (I work Freelance there). Of course I sat Frontrow! :)
The Show was oraganized by the Graduatees of a Fashion-Design-School in my City, they also created the dresses, searched for the models and so on. The Location was the Dornier Museum, in Friedrichshafen (You see somethimes a Plane in the Background, so don't mind ;-)!)

Because my Mac doesnt want to connect with the Internet today (dont know why :/) I'm now online with my old Netbook and dont have all files and so on here. But I found some shots here (I did more thatn 1000 pics during the evening(!)) :)

Enjoy them, and I hope I can post soon more Impressions!


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