Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

My Automotive Clothes

Hello People!

Today I thought its time for showing you some of my automotive clothes. I'm huge addicted to Cars (my Car Blog) and of course have some shirts with cars on it.
The most were bought after visiting the museum (Ferrari, Mercedes), others were bought on eBay (Porsche) because it was a bargain buy and at the museum they hadn't my size available.
All ones are women clothes, exprect the Ferrari shirt, its a Kid's one for 11-12 year old ones :)
Not to forget, the red Pullover, a mens one, was on SALE for just 4,95€ (I HAD to take it! :D)

Hope you like it and 'understand' this maybe untypical post here!

Now some pictures, all are selftaken.

Ferrari by PUMA bag

the eBay bargain buy :-)

Kids size shirt

by Benetton, bought some years ago

by Forever 18

bought at New Yorker, SALE pullover

of course some shopping bags

xoxo Lisa

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