Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Discovering Nailstickers

Hello people! :)

I've discovered this kind of 'Nail-Style' about one month ago, but wasnt that much convinced to try those stickers. But afer a report on TV, they've shown pictures of Rapper Lady Eve wearing Obama Nail-Stickers, I was sure I need some!

The next day I ran into the store I first saw them and bought a package (12 pieces per Package in several sizes) - gorgeous metallic silver! I bought them for 2€/3$ for each package.
The handling is very easy and there's also a descritption written how to use them. They wrote they last about 5 days - I've attached some shots of 'Day 6'. The glue was still gluing, but as you can see, it wasnt so nice anymore to look at!
At Day 5 I've putted some "Top coater" on the stickers, for more shine.

Do you heard about those Nail Stickers, too, and maybe tried them out? What are your experiences? Do you like that kind of Nail-Art or you you prefer ordinary nailpolish?
I really apprentice every comment! :)

Sorry for that light, but I hope you're still able to read!!

Nailstickers/Nailpolish: essence

P.S.: While waiting for my mom at the hairdresser, I've been asked "Is that REAL nailpolish?" It made me smile :)

Have a great day and an awesome weekend!
xoxo Lisa


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I recently bought some at Sephora for $15!! I thought this was a little expensive but I hadn't seen them anywhere else. I haven't had time to sit down and try them because I thought they would be difficult to use but now I am definitely going to try them! That silver is bangin'!

  2. Thanks for your comment Monikapolitan :)
    What I forgot to mention, I bought them for about 2€/3$. The 15$ sound verry expensive! But maybe they have a better quality?!
    What style do your ones have?

    Lisa :)

  3. Interesting post!
    I never got tried to use those...^^

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