Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

What's in my bag?

Hello Girls and Boys!

After getting some Inspiration by Jason Travis on flickr, I decided to do such a post and picture, too!

I just puttet everything out ot my todays bag. I had school, so I unpacked my schoolbag for you! :)

I write what each is below, I start on the left and end on the right, from the top to the bottom.

Schoolbag (H&M), some sheets of paper I'm doing some paintings while 'interesting' lessons, pencils, a small folder with just the papers I'll need over the day, formulary, a knife I always carry with me, iPod 4G with the earphones, keys, BlackBerry, Calculator, my Glasses (inside the box), 'Beauty-Bag' with Powder, Macara, Mirror, Nivea Cream, some hankies and my 'Take it everywhere'-Camera. (I use a Sony DSLR for 'real' shots!) :-)

Do you post/publish "Whats in my bag?" shots, too? And if yes, where? And if not, why not?

Have a great day, Lisa :-)


  1. Thanks for your comment ! Nice blog !

  2. I love the post, I may write the same in my blog soon

  3. O la! Combien de choses tu as dans ton sac!!! Biz
    Angela Donava